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Founder & President

GLORIA J. HUDDLESTON, RN, MSA, BSCHA, ADN, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner - Ms. Huddleston is the Founder and President of the Board of Millennium Health & Human Services Development Corporation.  She is a highly professional visionary, energetic and innovative executive with more than 30 years of healthcare, volunteer and non-profit management experience working with clients across various disciplines, as well as having an in-depth focus on achieving excellent results in highly competitive environments that require continuous improvement. She has expertise in strategic planning, customer service, new product development, project management, grants writing and request for proposal funding development.   She also has demonstrated her ability to recruit, motivate and build cohesive teams along with sourcing vendors, negotiating contracts and managing project budgets. She has outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, with expertise in developing and maintaining strong and productive working relationships with clients and staff.
Ms Huddleston is also a registered nurse who has worked tirelessly to sustain Millennium’s presence in the community for the past thirteen years through her own contributions and grant funding.

Ms. Huddleston is recognized throughout the State of Maryland and the City of Baltimore as an expert in the design of health education outreach models and programs targeting hard-to-reach and minority communities. She was grant funded in 2011 from the Department of Health & Human Services for her health disparities model, Electronic Minority Outreach Health Education Information Cooperative (EMOHEIC).  Most notably she designed the outreach model that is currently being marketed for Health Choice, the State of Maryland’s Medicaid Managed Care Program.

As a result of Ms. Huddleston’s work as a 1995 Management Fellow for the National Association for Public Hospitals she wrote an article entitled Joint Ventures between Public Hospitals and Private Organizations that was subsequently published. Ms. Huddleston received her Bachelors of Science in Health Care Administration from the University of Michigan and her Masters of Science Degree in Health and General Administration from Central Michigan University

Millennium Health & Human Services Development Corporation develops and implements grassroots outreach and health education models using traditional and non-traditional approaches to reach at-risk groups. These models incorporate techniques such as door-to-door information, literature distribution campaigns, and telephone canvassing campaigns that are designed to inform members of the community about the wealth of services available to them in the community.

Millennium utilizes a variety of formats to educate, inform, train, teach and organize its target audience, which formats are designed to meet the needs, interests and learning style of the particular group.

Moreover, we educate, train, and organize at-risk members from the community about and around issues of concern to them such as smoking/tobacco issues, breast cancer, youth and older adult employment and/or training opportunities, diabetes, HIV/AIDS teen pregnancy, obesity and nutrition, and other services that impact health disparities.

Additionally, when and where necessary to reach the widest possible audience, MHHSDC will go directly into the community to train, teach and inform the target population where they live, work, worship, go to school, and socialize, for example enrollment activities for the State-wide Medicaid program Health-Choice and the Children’s Health Insurance Plan were conducted in State Social Services Offices.